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About Us
Our goal is to become the premier landscape design company emphasizing water conservation in the community. We focus on residential and apartment housing, creating a functional and beautiful environment in which to live.

Our basic philosophy is the optimizing of resources for the enjoyment of life. Resources are limited. We have only so much time, money, land, and water, etc. There may be many resources available to us but each is limited in some way. We aim to help each client to use those resources to improve the quality of their life, for some it would simply be to conserve water to reduce their expenses, for others it would be to better manage their environment to conserve resources in harmony with their chosen lifestyle. All human interaction should be based on honesty, giving and receiving honest value between each other.

Our Industry
Our industry is a green industry. Our industry is a sleeper, it needs to be awakened. It is a growth industry. Residential landscaping has a long static tradition of “put in lots of grass and a few trees”. This tradition puts a tremendous strain on our natural and personal resources. Landscape design is ideally poised to change the “traditional landscape.” Short term we expect the industry to experience growing pains, this will include competition as others companies see possible “easy” revenue, some companies will add design work without any competence or training; this will negatively affect our industry as they perform substandard work. Long term we expect many companies to leave as they find it difficult to provide an honest value exchange with their customers when doing substandard work. Our company is well positioned to take advantage of this awakening industry. There are two main areas where landscaping can take place, new construction and existing residences. It would be ideal if every new construction included a professionally designed landscape. And while there has been a general lack of new construction, it is expected to increase. The existing residential market has potential with both the younger and the older generations. There are many older generation that have more time and changing interests, they should change their landscape to allow them to pursue their interest and to use their time as they wish. Being “tied” to your yard is not the same as “enjoying” your yard. The younger generation seeks to create individual identities especially when living in a homogenized world. Professional landscape design can help the younger and older generation achieve harmony between their desires and their environment.

Our strengths and core competencies
Our strengths come from education, honesty, hard work, and a desire to make the world a better place. Each of these items by themselves is important, and many may possess some of them. By using all of these strengths we are able to serve the community well. Our core competencies are design service and customer service. These two primary competencies are where we will excel to create an environment our clients will appreciate.

Phillip Christensen, head designer of Real Landscape Design, completed a Bachelor of Science in Residential Landscape Design and Construction in 2012 from Utah State University. He has studied design theory, plant selection, irrigation design, low water and water efficient landscaping, computer aided design programs, and many other related aspects of landscaping.  As a native of Utah, Phillip understands many of the opportunities and constraints that are present in many Utah landscapes. Anything from water conservancy to choosing the right plants for our area is taken into consideration.

Our general manager, Brad Christensen, has a MBA (Master of Business Administration-2011) degree with an emphasis in supply chain management. He has many years’ experience in the supply field working for the US Government and private industry. We both have an interest in innovation and new technology, conserving our resources and using the resources we have in a way that adds value to our environment.

We provide services to Northern Utah

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