Real Landscape Design LLC - Realizing your perfect outdoor living spaces
What is the Design Process?
The design process begins with a consultation that usually takes place in the comfort of your own home. There your creative ideas will begin to take root. Likes and dislikes will be discussed, functionality and aesthetics will be addressed briefly. After the initial consultation and agreements are met and signed, a site analysis and inventory of your property will be taken. Opportunities and constraints are noted a concept plan is presented for an initial approval by you, the owner. Upon approval your master plans will be created.
 Consultations The first hour of consultation is free! Most consultations are one hour but can vary.

Modern style landscape design work.
Your final plans may consist of a master plan
with a plant schedule, plant maintenance
guide, hardscape plan with dimensions, and
irrigation plan. 3D models can also be created
as part of a complete package. Your finalized
plans can act as a blueprint for a do-it-yourself project or they can be taken to a landscape contractor for a professional job.

3D model of modern style design.

Design fees are based on many items including the size of the area being landscaped, the designs requested, the number of different plant as well as the total number of plants, irrigation zones (if applicable), and overall complexity of the design.
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